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OMDUG Webinar
OMDUG Webinar
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Turn your website into a consisted lead generation source!

Study after study has indicated close to 90% of today’s buyers eliminate potential suppliers based on their website experience before even thinking about picking up the phone.  In other words, you are potentially being located, investigated and eliminated without even knowing about it.

Whether you sell office furniture, supplies, equipment, or voice and data products, StructuredWeb has a catalog to meet your needs.

Take advantage of our extensive catalog library
StructuredWeb offers managed catalogs from over 100 leading vendors and distributors.  Browse our design gallery to see how we have helped your peers. 

Convert your website traffic to qualified leads
Convert your website traffic to qualified leads with "Request for Quote" forms so visitors can easily request pricing and other information from your sales team.

Add a searchable online catalog to your site
Studies show 96% of buyers are more likely to contact suppliers who provide detailed catalogs online.  Learn how to influence sales by adding a searchable catalog to your website 

Discover How to Increase Sales Conversions on Your Website and Get New Customers...



Your web site can make or break you when it comes to how well you present yourself to your visitors. To maximize opportunity, your web site should present your company professionally and tell your story as good as or even better than your sales people.    Start generating lead with your website by eliminating the top three reasons why people would leave:
1.            They are not impressed with quality/professionalism of the site itself[
2.            They cannot find the information they came to investigate[
3.            There is poor navigation or limited functionality


StructuredWeb has helped hundreds of dealers reach and exceed their web goals.  

Below is a sampling of web sites designed, hosted and managed by StructuredWeb for office equipment dealers.

Catalog DemoView a short demo to see how the online furniture catalogs work

Webinar SeriesLearn more by accessing a scheduled product demonstration

Website GalleryBrowse samples of websites designed for United Resellers

ROI CalculatorDetermine the potential impact on your bottom line and profits

Support & FAQ'sFind quick answers to your questions and business inquiries


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