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Pay Per Click Lead Generation
Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is the fastest growing segment of online advertising.  According to Forbes Magazine, by the year 2008 companies will spend $8 Billion a year on PPC advertising.  The challenge facing many small businesses is figuring out how best to start a search campaign that fits with the goals of the company.  With this in mind, Structured Web creates a two tier approach to establishing a manageable and targeted campaign.

Tier 1 - Geo-Targeted Ad Serving - keep your searches local

A voice & data company in Niagara Falls, NY  wants to focus on growing a customer base within a serviceable local area. While search engines have a tremendous reach, a concern for this company is that the reach may be to wide (a click from someone searching "Avaya VOIP" in California may do them no good).

Geo-targeting is comprised of the most commonly searched phrases for your products and services and then served only to searchers in your specified geographic area. 

In the example to the right, only searchers within a selected radius can see and click the advertisements.  Searchers outside your service area  will never even see ads in this campaign, let alone have a chance to click them and eat into your ROI.

Teir 2 - Keyword Targeted Ad Serving 

In order to qualify the terms for targeted ad serving, the keywords have been combined with the name of every city within the prescribed mileage radius. An example for our Niagara, NY  based company would be "Avaya Dealers Buffalo" or "Niagara Falls Avaya", or even "Avaya 14301" (Niagra's zip code).

In your Teir 2 campaign, a searcher will see the ad only if the town name/zip code/county name AND keyword are both present in the search.  This approach can be useful when targeting prospective customers who may have multiple branches or centrally located purchasing outside the 50 mile radius.

Benefits of Dual Geo-Targeted Approach - Managing the "Long Tail" of search.

In both Tier 1 and Tier 2 Ad Serving , the keywords are so targeted in their own way, that every clicker is an extremely target prospect before they ever read a word of your website.  However, due to the number of cities within a serviceable range, it is not uncommon for these campaigns to contain 50,000 or more keywords.

StructuredWeb's unique targeting technology goes beyond the capability of most in house PPC managers to create relevant keywords, campaign text

Sure, maybe most web user's search for your popular services by using the same popular keywords. But add up all those who search using different or obscure wording, and they might generate as much or more traffic at more reasonable bid cost. As a merchant, you want to tap into both the "head" of interest and the "long tail" that follows behind


Two Easy Steps to a Search Engine Friendly Web site.

First, the most important thing you can do to assure your Web site is optimized for search is to provide great, relevant content. You may have heard this time and time again but relevant content is going to keep your visitors on your site and turn leads into sales. You want your visitors to buy what you are selling! Search engines are all about indexing content and can only read text on a page. Therefore, it is vital that relevant keywords appear in the text on a page. If a keyword does not flow naturally in the copy then it should not be a target for a page.

Second, the number of Web sites that link to your Web site, known as in-bound linking, is one of the main factors that help search engines determine your relevancy for a search term. Acquiring new links from other Web sites will help you improve search engine rankings. Linking to a Web site that is already credible with Search Engines will benefit you more than linking to a Web site that is not.

Implementing these two simple techniques is the best place to start when building a Search Engine friendly Web site. These techniques surpass a good-looking or fancy designed Web site hands down.
# posted by Cristina Proctor @ Monday, November 14, 2005  

Why don’t I show up for Keywords that include my Business name or “core product” ?
This week I have had a few companies call and ask why they do not show up for words that are very specific to them, while their brokers and dealers are appearing on the first page of the search engines. This seems to be more and more common and it is a concern for these companies.

There are many reasons why this happens, here are a few:

The content on the site does not match the search term as well as the dealer or broker site does.  Internally the IT and marketing department decided to produce what was aesthetically pleasing vs. Search Engine Friendly.  When changes need to be made the small business handles it in minutes while the larger one has to battle internal processes in order to implement changes.

Our remedies include:

+  Checking the site for matching content and relevancy.
+  Providing detailed documentation regarding things that might make your site unappealing to the Search Engines.
+  Working closely with your company to make changes in a timely manner in accordance with guidelines set forth by the Search Engines.

If this is a challenge that you are facing it might be worth a phone call to learn more about what we can do help your site gain better presence through Natural Search.
# posted by Richard Edling @ Thursday, September 29, 2005

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