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DocumentMall is a powerful business solution for creating a secure online document storage and online sharing workspace where you can run your business, archive older documents and collaborate with others on your team via online sharing, no matter where they are located. Only DocumentMall combines industry-leading security with powerful web-based document management and collaboration features developed on EMC Documentum's Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform and delivered as an on-demand, document management and document imaging "anytime, anywhere" solution service.

DocumentMall Quick Tour

You can use DocumentMall for simple, secure electronic file storage, content management, business process management and online sharing with just a few people or for collaboration on a global scale.

View the Quicktour (45 sec)

  • DocumentMall is a scalable feature-rich on-demand document management solution
  • Easily archive, store, share, track, revise, retrieve and distribute documents
  • Remote document access and online sharing without changes to corporate security policies
  • Ideal for departments within enterprises or small/medium businesses such as legal, real estate, financial services, insurance, medical and government
  • Integrates with existing infrastructure for improved business process management
  • Immediately and easily deployable with limited resource commitment as it is web-based document management
  • Highest level of document security and access control make it safe for online sharing, electronic file storage and remote document access
  • DocumentMall supports secure document input directly using leading "Internet-enabled" Multifunctional Products from Ricoh, Lanier, Savin and Gestetner
  • Internet fax compatibility
  • High-volume scanning, indexing, upload options and methods for distribution
  • Ideal for both paper-intensive environments and businesses that need business process and content management
  • Accessible from any location, 24/7 for remote document access and online sharing for collaboration
  • Improves business process management, saves time and money


Document Workflow
Using Multifunctional Products (MFPs)
Using Scanners and Internet Faxes
Using Bar Code Indexing
High-volume Input
Using Upload Agent


DocumentMall Receives BERTL's "Best Innovation" AwardBERTL's Best 2005 Award (PDF)
A truly unique on-demand document management solution that has the potential to change the way business will be done in the future.


© Copyright 2001-2006 DocumentMall is a trademark of Ricoh Corporation

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